About Us

We are a collective of personas that exist within the mind of Alex (the host). We all aim to be a positive force in this crazy world and want to help people. We especially want to help spread information and knowledge about mental health disorders – specifically Dissociative Identity Disorder. In general, though, we grew up and live in PA, USA. We work in IT and love it – more so due to our boss and team, and less about the actual field of IT. We are huge nerds: gaming, anime, TTRPG/DND, business, spirituality, etc… We also love reading (well, one of us does – Artemis), and enjoy going for walks and general physical activity. We really have no idea what else to put here, so we are just going to put our individual descriptions below; along with artist created drawings of each of us (still a work in progress). This is how we each look within our inner world and does not reflect our outward physical appearance.


Age - 28 and does age every year with the body
Race - Human
Hair - Very Short, Black, Spikey
Eyes - Dark Brown
Personality - Anxious, Depressed, Introverted, Caring, Loving, Can be Aggressive


6 and was formerly frozen at 5, unsure if he will continue to age or not - Age
Human but can shapeshift into various animals within our inner world - Race
Short, Black, Spiky - Hair
Dark Brown - Eyes
Childish, Hyperactive, Happy, Friendly, Curious, Caring, Loving, Smart, Loves Sweets - Personality


Age - 30 and does age every year with the body
Race - Cyborg
Hair - Short, Spikey, Black
Eyes - Left one is Dark Blue, right one is robotic
Personality - Logical, Intellectual, Can be Arrogant and Snobby, Shows little outward emotion; Can be Kind, Caring, and Loving.


33 (3,300 in demon years) and does age every year with the body or when he takes on a lot of negative energy - Age
Half-Demon - Race
Long, Straight to the middle of his back, dark silver with red streaks - Hair
Blood red with yellow flecks - Eyes
Extroverted, People Person, Impulsive, Assertive, Aggressive, Possessive, Protective, Sexual, Can be Loving and Caring - Personality


Age - 19 and potentially frozen, did not age this year
Race - Angel
Hair - Golden Blonde, Straight down to her lower back
Eyes - Deep Crystal Blue with a Golden Halo around them
Personality - Extremely Shy, introverted, Always Nervous and Anxious, Kind, Caring, Loving, Friendly, Social Justice Warrior


32 and does age every year with the body - Age
Human mimic - Race
Dark Brown, Straight down to his shoulders - Hair
Green - Eyes
Introverted, Very Direct, Matter-of-Fact, Awkward, Anti-Social, Friendly, Caring, Aromantic, Asexual, A-emotional - Personality


Age - 46 and does age every year with the body
Race - Human
Hair - Dark Brown, Wavy, Shoulder Length
Eyes - Blind in her left eye, her right eye is Blue
Personality - Mature, Soft-Spoken, Very Matronly, Introverted

The Twins: Dawn and Dusk

12 and potentially frozen, did not age this year - Age
Shadow Human - Race
Pitch Black: Dawns is long and wavy, Dusks is short and spikey - Hair
Dawns are Hazel and Dusks are Dark Brown - Eyes
Both are extremely shy and introverted, soft-spoken, and friendly. Dawn is very intelligent and Dusk is very protective. - Personality